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 Buying My First Hi-Fi System



brianandtrevors in Greater Manchester is your audio centre of excellence for reference demonstrations, sales, installation, service, upgrades, advice and aftercare. We have 40+ years experience and knowledge of audio components and systems.

We always remember our first experiences as hi-fi enthusiasts - and as customers, comparing different brands of audio systems - and then discovering the thrill of listening to our favourite recordings through great hi-fi systems and how recorded music became alive, realistic and truly moving.



Better than any hi-fi shop, we are an audio consultancy. Our music demonstration rooms are inside a house, in real living rooms and real living spaces, so you discover how we make your music sound as real in your home -  music in one room, or whole home audio. brianandtrevors is a real house where you discover how music should sound in your home.

We offer personal demonstrations, advice, sales, installation, service and aftercare.

We are leading audio industry professionals and combine forty+ years of audio knowledge and experience, so our standards and expertise are second to none.




For the best performance from any audio system - talk to us. Book a personal demonstration and you will hear why.

We offer a range of components and systems specifcally chosed for top performanc of music. brianandtrevors is situated in a large, comfortable Victorian home with the range of systems installed without compromise for personal and comparative listening in our large demonstration rooms.

brianandtrevors is in a real house to enable you to discover what great music systems can do for you in your home.