Linn Cirkus Bearing

Fundamental - and available as an upgrade for all LP12's manufactured before 1993!


Cirkus Bearing Upgrade

The Cirkus upgrade for all LP12's built before 1993 focuses on bearing performance and the connection of the bearing housing to the sub-chassis.

The improved bearing and stronger sub-chassis arrangement provides the turntable with greater stability and ensures the bearing sits perfectly true to the chassis of the turntable. This in turn minimises the risk of turntable platter movement with respect to the sub-chassis and arm - even the slightest movement will introduce audible degradation to the reproduced signal.

Together the changes to the bearing and the sub-chassis make an enormous difference to the overall performance of the turntable. The specific changes are as follows....

The thickness of the bearing housing mounting flange has been substantially increased and undercuts eliminated to make it many times more rigid, this also allows the use of larger mounting bolts.

Increased distance between top and bottom liners in the bearing housing to make it as stable as possible eliminating even the smallest amount of rocking.

An increase in the height of the bearing housing from the top of its inner liner to increase oil capacity, ensuring proper lubrication of the top bearing at all times.

The kit of parts also includes a new inner platter and spindle as the two should always be replaced together.

A full set of springs, grommets and a belt complete the Cirkus kit.