Fidelice by Rupert Neve Designs


Since the late 1960s, Rupert Neve has been the most trusted name in sound. And chances are, most of your favorite albums from the last fifty years were recorded, mixed or mastered with his legendary studio gear. With the new Fidelice range of playback equipment, the classic sound of Rupert Neve’s designs is now available to bring true studio-quality audio to your home.
Shown for the first time at the 2019 CanJam London Show, Rupert Neve Designs is proud to introduce Fidelice – a new product range for the high-fidelity audio market.
The initial products include The Precision Digital-to-Analog Converter. The Precision Headphone Amplifier and The Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier, providing what has become the reference in world class studios to the audiophile and hi-fi communities. This brings Rupert’s designs full circle, as his first commercial endeavor was actually CQ Audio, a British Hi-Fi company.

We are delighted to be appointed the first UK Audio Specialist to demonstrate and offer the new Fidelice range

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