Sugden Sapphire FBA-800 Stereo Power Amplifier


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The FBA-800 is Sugdens most advanced power amplifier. It’s floating bridge design combines four 20 Watt amplifiers in a single stereo chassis and provides several key benefits.

Each channel consists of two amplifiers working as voltage amplifiers driving an output stage of bridged power transistors. The advantages are a low noise floor, better power output relative to the voltage rails (x2) and with the fixed current of the class A mode, low output impedance and better load tolerance.

The Power amplifier is D.C. coupled, with a servo lock, ensuring excellent low frequency detail and for safety purposes the amplifier includes a D.C. protection circuit which is statically switched using extremely low impedance Mosfet switching devices, this same circuit also soft switches the power amp on and off.

The FBA-800’s power supply is a low impedance design with a single custom made bi-filar wound transformer, with four separate winding’s. The main smoothing capacitors for the output stage are specially developed for professional audio applications with excellent ripple characteristics and long life.

The Four power transistors per channel in the output stages are multi emitter devices with an output capability of 26 amps per device. The FBA-800 operates in the full balanced mode from the input of the unit to the output.

Standard finish options are either black or silver – please contact us directly for Sugden’s custom colour options service!



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