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We have been collectively involved in the audio industry for over forty years – Trevor working for a Specialist Hi-Fi dealer in Oxford in 1984, and Brian, joining Linn Products in 1992, meeting Trevor who had joined Linn in 1989. In 2007, we left our employment with Linn Products to set up House of Linn as an appointment-only audio consultancy, specialising exclusively, offering the range of Linn components and systems, with reference demonstrations, sales, installation, service, upgrades, advice and aftercare. We are Europe's Leading Linn Specialist and deliver the full customer benefits of Linn's integrated capability.

In 2009, we established brianandtrevors to offer a broader range of components and solutions we listened to extensively that are featured on this website. Brianandtrevors and House of Linn operate appointment-only from a large, comfortable Victorian house in Greater Manchester, and unlike shop dem rooms, our systems are installed in real rooms, as well as in our diner kitchen and hallways. All without compromise for the best performance to give a pretty good idea of the performance expected in any home.

Since we began our audio consultancy journey in 2007, we have enjoyed meeting more than one thousand hi-fi enthusiasts and music lovers who have contacted us for appointments from around the UK and overseas. We treat our clients in the same way we like to be treated. We are a pressure-free zone with extremely high client retention and we are regularly welcoming new visitors and clients to the house. We are a true Audio Consultancy offering fantastic customer service and personal appointments for hi-fi demonstrations, advice, sales, installation, service and aftercare. With more than forty years knowledge and experience, our standards and expertise are second to none. Talk to us for the best advice. Make an appointment with us for better sound and hear the difference. 

Brian and Trevor also own and run House of Linn, Europe's Leading Linn Audio Specialist established in 2007, and The Booplinth Company, designers of booplinth, the premiere plinth upgrade for the Linn LP12 turntable.

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Almost Spring 2019 Newsletter

By brianandtrevors | March 2, 2019

mYtunes playlist event March 14th with Linn Kudos Exakt Loudspeakers

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The Beatles White Album 50th Anniversary Re-mixes: From the Studio to the Home with ATC Loudspeakers: House of Linn, Thursday February 7th 2019, 8pm

By brianandtrevors | January 23, 2019

We are pleased to offer a special evening with ATC Loudspeakers who will be presenting the new 2018 remixes of The White Album completed by ATC client, Giles Martin at Abbey Road Studios. Following on from the Sergeant Peppers Anniversary Remix from last year, the project started with the original multi-track analogue tapes which were…

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By brianandtrevors | December 6, 2018

We are sprinkling a little more Majik this festive season with our Linn Majik LP12 + Linn Majik DSM package promotion. Make an appointment with us for your personal demonstration. Special package price: £5,000 Until January 29th 2019 Discover high performance vinyl and streaming together for less and enjoy the best of both worlds. The warmth of…

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Autumn Newsletter 2018

By brianandtrevors | November 19, 2018

Since 2007, we have enjoyed greeting more than one thousand hi-fi enthusiasts and music lovers from around the UK and overseas. We treat our clients in the same way we like to be treated. We are a pressure-free zone with extremely high client retention and regularly welcome new visitors and clients to the house. We…

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Linn Selekt DSM Network Music Player

By brianandtrevors | September 25, 2018

Linn have just announced a brand new addition to their product range – The Linn Selekt DSM. Selekt DSM will revolutionise your interaction with digital music. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense. It will make your system sound better and it will help you fall in love with your music…

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Linn Sondek LP12 45th Anniversary Party, July 26th 2018 at House of Linn in Manchester

By brianandtrevors | July 28, 2018

Linn Sondek LP12 45th Anniversary 🎈 Party at House of Linn in Manchester   In a world of streaming it is a sign of the times that we continue to celebrate and enjoy vinyl recordings especially with the iconic Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable, first manufactured in 1973 and now in its 45th year having continuously…

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Summer 2018 Newsletter

By brianandtrevors | July 5, 2018

Summer 2018 Newsletter FINALLY! After so many years of disappointing summers in the UK – certainly here in the North of England – we now have a brilliant scorcher of a summer. No better time than now to be out enjoying the sunshine! As usual, we can find many good reasons to drag you back…

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Join Brian and Trevor at The North West Audio Show

By brianandtrevors | May 26, 2018

Join Brian and Trevor at The North West Audio Show Cranage Hall (De Vere Cranage Estate), Cheshire Saturday June 23rd 10am – 6pm Sunday June 24th 10am – 5pm This is a great audio show!! Last year as in previous years, we enjoyed welcoming many people to our room and we are of course looking…

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February 2018 Newsletter

By brianandtrevors | February 8, 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year! With so many third-party “upgrades and modifications” available for the Linn Sondek LP12, it is great to see Linn further improve the LP12 yet again, with two significant proprietary upgrades. The Lingo power supply and Urika Moving Coil phono stage have set new and advanced standards for vinyl replay, currently…

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NAIM at brianandtrevors

By brianandtrevors | January 23, 2018

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Comment(s): 0 Uniti by Naim Inspired by Naim’s unfaltering passion for music and enabled by 40 years’ tireless innovation in engineering, the new Uniti range by Naim is now available – Uniti is Naim’s advanced all-in-one music streaming platform. Combining seamless digital technology with a rich analogue soul, you can rip,…

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