Phono Stages

Phono stages are the essential amplification required to amplify extremely small and yet very complex signal levels from your moving magnet or moving coil cartridge up to line level. Both Linn and Naim offer a variety of solutions to preserve that cherished vinyl signal, just ask Brian or Trevor for a demonstration.

Linn Urika II Moving Coil Phono Stage

Using their cutting-edge digital signal processing technology, Linn's new Urika II now carries out the key process of implementing the RIAA curve in the digital domain. This brings you lower distortion, lower noise and more music.

Transported over Exakt Link, the musical information that Urika II delivers is perfectly preserved until the moment it reaches your ears, delivering a musical experience like never before.

That’s not all. Linn take the same approach with Urika II that they do with their Exakt-enabled loudspeakers. This means Linn can optimise each and every individual device, correcting the variations inherent in the analogue stage to ensure outstanding performance every time.

Urika II can be optimised to work with your preferred cartridge load values. Simply choose from the list of popular cartridges or enter your own, and easily change when you next upgrade your cartridge.

Urika II is powered by Linn's extraordinary Radikal power supply and is mounted on the integrated Trampolin base board within the plinth of your Sondek LP12 to maintain phono stage isolation and improve deck suspension.

The perfect upgrade from Urika, Linn have tested Urika II in incredible detail to measure the difference it makes, and most importantly of all it makes vinyl sound even better.


Linn Urika Moving Coil Phono Stage

This unique moving coil phono stage fits snugly inside the Sondek LP12 turntable and works with the Linn Radikal motor control to deliver a new benchmark in LP12 performance.

You’ll experience a new level of clarity and detail as the Linn Urika is located within the plinth itself, bringing it as close as possible to the tonearm, minimising cable length and therefore signal loss and noise. Mounted on its own integrated Trampolin base board, the phono stage is also isolated from unwanted vibrations.

To ensure consistent and faithful reproduction of the music, Urika features a dual mono design that banishes any potential crosstalk.

Direct-coupled RCA and transformer-coupled XLR outputs allow you to choose the best connection option for your system and guarantee exceptional performance in all conditions.

Powered by Radikal, which also powers and controls the LP12's top of the range DC motor, Urika is a transformative upgrade, letting you experience the highest performance from your LP12 turntable.

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Linn Uphorik MM/MC Phono Stage

Get more from your vinyl collection as you fine-tune your turntable system with the Linn Uphorik phono stage.

Sharing the same dual mono topology and fully screened differential input as Linn's flagship Urika, the Uphorik phono stage offers both versatility and exceptional performance.

As the most flexible phono stage available, the Uphorik features separate dedicated inputs and circuits for moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges, and has a full range of adjustments which allows you to easily optimise its settings to any cartridge, should you wish to upgrade in the future.

Uphorik's flexibility also extends to connections. With a choice of balanced or unbalanced outputs, and RCA or XLR inputs, Uphorik is guaranteed to always meet your requirements, no matter how the rest of your system evolves.

Sugden Audio Masterclass PA-4 Phono Amplifier

Vinyl is a passion for some people and that includes the designers at Sugden Audio, Vinyl is and always has been capable of the very finest musical experience creating a unique presence and atmosphere.

The Sugden PA-4 is one of the most rewarding phono amplifiers available at real world prices and sounds great, equipped with two fully loaded MC inputs, an MM input and infinite loading options as it can be factory set to match your cartridge exactly.

The moving coil stage is a Class ‘A’ current feedback circuit and the moving magnet amplifier a Class ‘A’ voltage feedback circuit incorporating the RIAA correction in the negative feedback loop along with DC servo circuits enabling direct coupling of the musical signal from moving coil input to final output.

The power supply, which Sugden considers an integral part of the amplifier circuitry, is a ‘current shunt’ design with a specially designed voltage regulator to prevent rising impedance with higher frequencies.

Constructed with components of exceptional quality, hand assembled on long-term stability gold plated circuit boards this is a phono stage of absolute transparency and natural sound.



Sugden Audio A21SE Stage Two Phono Amplifier

There are two dedicated phono amplifiers in the Sugden range and both are borne from our passion for vinyl.

The Stage Two offers exceptional value for money with facilities to cater for both MM and MC cartridges.

The design is a two box system separating the power supply from the amplifier, the phono amplifier has fixed loading for moving magnet and 100 and 470 Ohm selection for moving coil.

Sugden's design criteria was to produce a product that was as neutral as possible, retaining a faithful and enjoyable analogue sound.

Naim Stageline Phono Stage

Naim may not build a turntable, but like Linn they have decades of experience making the most of the black magic offered by the vinyl LP.

The StageLine phono stage, there are four types of Stageline available: N is for use with Moving Magnet cartridges, K is for Linn Moving Coil cartridges, S is for all other low-output Moving Coil cartridges, and E can be specified for use with Moving Coil cartridges with a higher output.

The Stageline can also be specified with either RCA phono inputs, or if you are using Naim’s Aro tonearm, BNC inputs. The Stageline can be powered from a Naim system in a variety of ways, the most basic being via the powered sockets on appropriate Naim Preamps and on some integrated amplifiers and Uniti products.

Additionally, a separate Naim power supply like the Flatcap, Hi-Cap or Supercap can be used for even better performance.