Naim Fraim Equipment Support System

Naim audio have a long and distinguished history of producing world-beating audio equipment. Since Naim's first power amplifier, the NAP160, was released in 1971, they have continued to push the boundaries of sonic perfection, Fraim and FraimLite equipment support systems have been carefully designed to provide the perfect platform for Naim Audio electronics to shine.


Naim Audio Fraim Support System

Naim's Fraim equipment support system has been carefully designed to provide the perfect platform for Naim Audio electronics to shine.

Each level is carefully isolated from the next using a cup-and-cone interface. An additional, double-layer base platform provides further isolation from resonance. A toughened glass sub-shelf rests on minimal-contact ball decouplers, providing even more isolation.

From the stainless steel spikes, which complete the process of isolation, to the zinc-plated steel nuts and studs that tie everything together, each individual component of the Fraim has been selected for its effect on sound quality.

Fraim platforms are available in Natural Ash, Cherry (tinted and non-tinted) and Black finishes and the extruded, anodised aluminium Fraim legs are available in three heights, with a choice of silver or black finishes.

Naim Audio FraimLite Support System

For entry-level Naim Audio systems, the  Naim FraimLite range features the same tripod-style configuration, carefully optimised shelf spacing and high-quality material construction of the reference-quality Fraim range.

It retains the cup-and-cone interface system used by its bigger brother too, but omits the dual layer base and ball-bearing decoupled glass shelf.

Reference Fraim levels can be incorporated into the same system as FraimLite so that you can upgrade to our top of the range equipment support on a level-by-level basis.

FraimLite is available in Cherry, Natural Ash and Black finishes and the extruded, anodized aluminium Fraim legs available in three heights, with a choice of either silver or black finishes.


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