moorAMPS Angel Amplifiers

A new, innovative approach to power amplifier design by Tim Narramore using his years of collected ideas and ideals to create the Angel amplifier and a new, small British company with a passion for Music – moorAMPS.

Angel amplifiers are designed with a simple mission – music so real you close your eyes and imagine musicians in the room playing to you.

Moor Amps have re-imagined the amplifier and applied sound engineering design to produce the Angel amplifier. Moor amplifiers keep a cast iron grip on the music, no matter how demanding the loudspeakers, with effortless dynamics, musical power and scale without compression.

Effortless Musicality at any listening level.

Angel 6 Power Amplifier: Astonishing Performance

The pinnacle of 30 years of development, the Angel 6 has been designed with musical performance in mind. By using only top-quality components and combining low-feedback design with high current delivery, this design will make you believe the music is being played live in the room. The Angel 6 can drive even the most demanding of speakers to high levels, where some amplifiers start to compress, and sound strained. We extend our low-feedback philosophy to the power supplies. The low-feedback amplifier is fed with incredibly pure, high current DC rails from low-feedback regulators. More than 200,000uF of high quality, low ESR supply capacitors in 3 power islands isolate the circulating power supply currents and enhance the supply purity. The heavy machined casing uses different panel thicknesses to damp each other out and avoid vibration reaching the amplifier components.

The highly linear output stage uses 6 ring-emitter transistors to share the current load and remain linear, even when supplying massive currents to keep a grip on the speakers.

The Angel 6 combines the world of pure low feedback with the high output currents needed to deliver the whole authentic musical performance. It delivers musicality and subtlety along with breathtaking power, scale and dynamics. It delivers Music!


Angel 6 Power Amplifier Specifications

Dual Mono Power Amplifier

Output Power: 150W RMS per channel into 8 ohms/300W RMS per channel into 4 ohms/580W RMS dynamic into 2 ohms

Loudspeaker Outputs: Nominal: 4 ohm to 16 ohm/Minimum: 2 ohm

Connections: WBT Classic: Wired, Spade or 4mm plug

Inputs: RCA (phono) inputs: 1V rms for full output/Input Impedance 15k ohm

XLR (balanced) inputs: +/- 1V rms for full output/Input Impedance 3k ohm

Frequency Response: 5Hz to 50kHz +/- 1dB

Protections: Short Circuit or Overload: +/-29A max/ Overtemperature: +55C/Undertemperature: +5C

Amplifier dimensions: Width 575mm x Depth 367mm x Height 172mm/Weight 29kg

Mains Power: IEC inlet cable for 230V AC 50Hz mains/ Optional 115V AC 60Hz version available

Power Consumption: Maximum 1300VA/Idle 80VA/Standby < 0.5W

Angel 6 Preamplifier

The perfect partner to the Angel Power amplifier, simple passive audio path for natural musicality.

The Angel-Pre is all about transparency and natural musical flow. Extensive listening tests led to a simple passive audio design. This couples with advanced integration with your source components and AV systems.

What does this mean for your music?

– An incredibly natural sound for instruments and vocals

– Fine detail resolution and transparency

– Very short audio path to avoid colouration

And did we mention the remote?

Probably overkill, hewn from a billet of aluminium, it’s tactile, it feels gorgeous, and has real switches for positive feel and a long life expectancy.


Angel 6 Preamplifier Specifications

Buffered Passive Stereo Pre-Amplifier

Inputs: 4 Line level passive inputs/1 G=1 (Unity Gain) inputs for use with AV systems/1 Tape loop monitor input

Outputs: L/R Outputs to power amp RCA single ended/L/R Outputs to power amp XLR balanced/Tape Loop output: Line level output (e.g. Headphone amp out)

Volume Control: High quality ALPS/motorized for remote control/Soft mute with quiet or silent options

Frequency Response: 5Hz to 50kHz +/- 1dB

Low power standby: Standby power less than 0.5W/2 standby outputs to power amplifiers

Pre-Amplifier dimensions:/Width 430mm x Depth 260mm x Height 65mm

Weight: 3kg

Mains Power: IEC inlet cable for 230V AC 50Hz mains/Optional 115V AC 60Hz version available

Power Consumption: Maximum 15VA/Standby < 0.5W

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