Finally, a new and advanced plinth design upgrade reveals hidden recorded detail, dimensionality, and a transformational performance from any Linn LP12 - just listen to how the quieter Booplinth reveals more.

Booplinth is the first, precision machined one-piece plinth performance upgrade for any Linn Sondek LP12 - Booplinth reveals the hidden recorded detail and delivers a transformational performance that traditional LP12 plinth constructions simply cannot achieve.

As Linn specialists as well as music fans we are always on the look out for ways of producing even better sound quality from our components and systems. Our love for vinyl and the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable led us to produce an advanced plinth for the LP12. Our goal was to apply the highly effective acoustic isolation properties of bamboo to an advanced and better sounding plinth for the LP12. Booplinth is an advanced machined from solid bamboo plinth developed and manufactured to our specifications to produce an even better performance from the LP12. Booplinth is a completely rigid and low mass plinth designed to more effectively reduce vibrations from external influences and better isolate all of the LP12’s component parts.

Booplinth was inspired by our first listening observations with Quadraspire bamboo audio component shelving supports in 2012. During Boo’s two year development, our listening evaluations and client demonstrations with different support materials presented varying degrees of effective acoustic isolation. Bamboo shelving transfers the least vibration to the signal path, thereby enabling turntables and other audio components to deliver a more optimised performance.

Booplinth offers low mass and structural rigidity combined with the highly effective acoustic isolation properties of bamboo, unlike other LP12 plinths, booplinth is machined complete from a solid laminated bamboo block, eliminating the traditional plinth construction method of gluing, screwing and clamping sides and corner bracings.
During development, we listened with various prototype LP12 plinths, until we were completely satisfied that our final specification booplinth delivered more information and far exceeded the musical presentation offered by the standard Linn plinth, We first listened with LP12 plinths made from MDF to establish our tooling parameters and then with prototype bamboo plinths. In use, the high mass MDF prototypes added a very coloured and thick sound with over emphasised bass and lower midrange frequencies, while the light and rigid low-mass booplinth prototypes gave us what we had hoped for – greater transparency and dynamics, a leaner, more neutral and tonally well-balanced sound.

We observed more musical detail and a more balanced musical presentation with greater insight to the mix that could not be heard with standard Linn plinth or other after-market plinths.
A booplinth upgrade provides even better sound quality from the Linn Sondek LP12. Improved performance becomes immediately apparent with booplinth, even with Linn entry-level specification arm, cartridge and power supply. Arrange a booplinth demonstration with us and just listen to the booplinth difference.


One-piece, machined from solid construction

Booplinth is machined from solid bamboo laminate block and employs no glued and screwed sections offering a lightweight, rigid and strong, low mass construction.

This construction method offers reduced colouration, is tonally well-balanced with greater transparency and dynamics, presents more recorded detail with natural, leaner, nimble and more fluid bass offering a greater insight to the mix, producing a deeper and natural soundstage.

The random structure of the bamboo grass and air in every one-piece, low mass booplinth upgrade diminishes signal pollution all the way to the stylus tip revealing hidden recorded detail, greater clarity and a more musical performance

Booplinth is designed and engineered to reveal the hidden recorded detail and a more faithful musical performance that is obscured by traditional wooden LP12 plinth constructions - the booplinth difference - more recorded detail and improved clarity - is apparent from the first recorded note!

Booplinth is a beautiful and natural bamboo finish and easily accommodates all Linn mechanics, Linn top plate, arm board, solid base board or Trampolin.


What's been said...

Listener postings on the Linn forum and from The Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2015 describe booplinth:

“...a very significant upgrade in the same league as Keel and Radikal”, “...this is the biggest upgrade you will ever hear” and “...actually moves the game on musically and sonically.. ”...based on the demo I heard the Booplinth walked all over the other deck...I am a musician and never assess things on hi-fi sound.”...”it is an expensive option but it is better sounding than the standard plinth”...”I would not describe what I heard as a “hi-fi” difference, more like the bass player turned up and the band were bothered about playing the song..”...”The Booplinth was better, more tuneful. I heard the demo twice. With the Boo the signal to noise level had significantly increased. The first immediate thing was the drop in vinyl noise level before the track started with the Boo and then the increased dynamics. The bass riff on the UB40 track was easier to follow on the Boo. Tonally it was similar but with more information.”

Hi-Fi + Magazine June 2015 review of the booplinth concludes:

"The booplinth is available in natural bamboo. It's time to pick a colour because no matter how new or how old your LP12, or how far up the upgrade ladder it's climbed, the booplinth should be your first/next priority. Once you've heard it there's no going back - the LP12 has never, ever sounded this good, this musically engaging, or this much downright fun...