brianandtrevors in Greater Manchester is your audio centre of excellence for reference demonstrations, sales, installation, service, upgrades, advice and aftercare. We have 30 years experience and knowledge of audio components and systems.

We always remember our first experiences as hi-fi enthusiasts - and as customers, comparing different brands of audio systems - and then discovering the thrill of listening to our favourite recordings through great hi-fi systems and how recorded music became alive, realistic and truly moving. Our passion for music goes way back - Brian studied violin and guitar and Trevor, drums. Brian's sons grew up with Linn music systems in the family home. They now have music degrees and are professional multi-instrumentalists.

Better than any hi-fi shop, we are an audio consultancy. Our music demonstration rooms are inside a house, in real living rooms and real living spaces, so you discover how we make your music sound as real in your home - music in one room, or whole home audio. brianandtrevors is a real house where you discover how music should sound in your home.

We offer personal demonstrations, advice, sales, installation, service and aftercare. We combine thirty years of audio knowledge and experience, so our standards and expertise are second to none.

For the best performance from any audio system - talk to us. Book a personal demonstration and you will hear why.

Our website is designed to enable you to review our product range, request a demonstration from any of the product pages, and to request product information from any of the product pages. Our website also offers an on-line shopping facility for accessories.

We specialise in best demonstration, sales and best-practice installation of analogue and digital components, stereo music systems, multi-channel music systems, home cinema systems and networked multi-room music systems. We have the best domestic demonstration facilities available in a real home for you to discover how we can make music sound real in your home.

We offer straightforward and professional expertise to help you improve the way you, your partners, families and friends feel at home with simply better sound for music and movies. From single systems for music and movies to network music throughout the home - the listening experience at brianandtrevors is so good that demonstrations can last for hours.

Take a tour of our website and read our news and events page for the latest information, or simply call us to chat.


+44 (0) 161 766 4837

Personal Service. Appointments Only. 10AM - 8PM. Last appointment 6pm. Sundays by prior arrangement.

We offer a range of components and systems specifcally chosed for top performanc of music.

brianandtrevors is situated in a large, comfortable Victorian home with the range of systems installed without compromise for personalised demonstrations in each of the four principal living rooms. brianandtrevors is in a real house to enable you to discover what great music systems can do for you in your home.

We offer individual, personalised demonstrations, sales, installation and aftercare for audio components and systems. We help you choose the best audio components and systems for your requirements by demonstrating the range of performance options so that you can decide for yourself.

We install and register your purchase to ensure the ultimate and continued performance of any component or system.

We regularly update our news and events page so please review for current information. In addition to special evening events at brianandtrevors, to appreciate the complete audition experience we see clients by appointment, one client at a time, Monday - Saturday 10am-8pm and Sundays by prior arrangement.

Contact us to discover how we make music sound real in your home!

Registered Office: 199 Bury New Road Manchester United Kingdom M45 6GE

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