Lockdown Update: Spring 2020

Play safe and stay safe.

Don’t let Lockdown get you down! We are available for advice with our online installation and support service so you can get more from your music at home during Lockdown. Call to chat or drop us a line.

We are also pleased to offer special Lockdown home trial offers from Melco and Quadraspire and direct order fulfilment from Dynaudio for the new Dynaudio award-winning anniversary speaker, Special Forty which has been given a makeover with two stunning new finishes for 2020.

See below for more information on how to arrange home trials with us from Melco and Quadraspire and how to order the Dynaudio Special 40 Loudspeaker from us for delivery to your home during Lockdown.

Ex-demonstration and approved used.

We are all trying to make life more interesting and enjoyable for audiophiles during lockdown. In addition to manufacturers’ offers in this newsletter, we regularly have approved used items for sale from client trade-ins as well as a selection of ex-demonstration products as we replenish our demonstration stock.

These products can be viewed on our websites:

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Lockdown Online Installation and Support with Every Purchase

We remain at your service as always, via phone and email. Browse our ex-dem and approved used listings on our website and in our Ebay Shop Approved Used Audio..

Contact us to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration and take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.

In this Lockdown Newsletter we feature exciting new audio components we have auditioned and adopted during the past few months, all of which get us closer to the natural sound of music.

Featured System

Linn Klimax Aktiv Exakt. Sources: Linn Klimax DSM, Linn Klimax Booplinth LP12, Innuos Statement and Melco N10 Music Library with Fidelice DAC by Rupert Neve Designs, Melco S100 Audiophile Network Switch. Amplification: 3 x Mooramps Angel 6 Stereo Power Amplifiers. Kudos Titan 808 Loudspeakers. 2 x REL T25 L/R Subwoofers.Chord Music Loudspeaker and Ethernet cables. Puritan Audio Power Cables and Power Blocks. Quadraspire XReference, SVT Bamboo.

Contact us to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration and take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.

MoorAMPS Power Amplification

There are few amplifiers we have enjoyed so much as the new amplifier design from this brand new British Company, Mooramps and designer Tim Narramore. We have three Mooramp Flagship Angel 6 stereo amplifiers powering the Linn Klimax Kudos Aktiv Exakt system pictured in our demroom image above. Listening is believing!

Lockdown Online Installation Support with Every Mooramps Purchase!

The Angel amplifiers are low feedback, ultra-linear designs with high current driving capability. They deliver the control, dynamic range, pace and timing of a muscle amp, with the transparency, resolution and delicacy of a low feedback amp. The result – a truly natural sounding musical performance. Realism, musical nuance and flow. Drive, emotion, pace and energy. Now you really can have it all. MOOR AMPS – It’s ALL about the music!

Contact us for more information and to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration – take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.

Read more about Mooramps here.

Melco Free Home Trial Scheme during Lockdown

With many dealers not receiving visitors for store dems and unable to visit
clients homes, this scheme will help you evaluate a Melco Digital Music
Library or upgrade, in the context of your own system. You can also
discover the benefits of the new S100 Audiophile Dataswitch, or D100
for archival quality CD rips.

Once you have evaluated your chosen Melco, we then simply arrange your purchase.

Take advantage of this difficult time and make the right choice for your
Hi-Fi system. Test a Melco on your very own music collection during this
period of enforced restrictions.

We are a Melco Master Dealer. Contact us to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration and take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.

Q4 Plus: A taste of Quadraspire Rack Performance in your own system during Lockdown

Hear the difference a Quadraspire rack can make by trying a Qplus support under your equipment. The Qplus supports have been designed to work in the same way as Quadraspire racks to filter out resonance.

Q4 use the same principles and materials used in Quadraspire racks to give you about 75 of the performance of each rack.

By placing them under the feet of a hi fi component, you can hear the improvement that each one of Quadraspire racks would make to your system

The Qplus Rack Sampler is a very powerful tool for demonstrating the benefits of Quadraspire racks.

We can arrange to loan Q4Plus Rack Sampler to experience the improvement for yourself, giving you a strong indication of the improvement to be had from a Quadraspire rack and realise the full potential of your system.

Click below and watch YouTube review videos of Q4Plus:

Main Review Qplus Evo QPlus Advanced QPlus Reference

Call or click here: contact us for more information.

Dynaudio Special Forty Shipped To You At Home During Lockdown

Dynaudio’s award-winning anniversary speaker, Special Forty, has been given a makeover with two stunning new finishes. Black Vine is a striking contrast of dark veneer shot through with vivid orange, while Ebony Wave is a captivatingly sinuous take on the classic hardwood.

Both veneers are made to Dynaudio specifications, ensuring total consistency between pairs of speakers. And the level of finish possible is simply astonishing – they look as smooth as glass, and as lustrous as a piece of luxury antique furniture. Just as you’d expect from a nation of design-fanatics!

Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V / 1m)
IEC power handling: 200W
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Frequency response (±3dB): 41Hz – 23kHz
Box principle: Bass-reflex rear ported
Crossover: 2-way
Crossover frequency: 2000Hz
Crossover typology: 1st order
Woofer: 17cm MSP cone
Tweeter: 28mm Esotar Forty
Weight: 8.1kg / 17.9lb
Dimensions (WxHxD): 198 x 360 x 307mm / 7.8 x 14.2 x 12.1in
Dimensions with feet/grille (WxHxD): 198 x 360 x 322mm / 7.8 x 14.2 x 12.7in
Finishes/grilles: Black Vine / Ebony Wave

Special Forty is a standmount loudspeaker for optimum performance:
Special Forty Loudspeaker Price per pair : £2,699:00 including VAT
Special Forty Loudspeaker Stand per pair: £475:00 including VAT

Read more on our website here

Call or Contact us by clicking here for more information and to arrange your order.

LP12 Upgrade Promotion – spend more a get a free Karousel!

To celebrate the launch of the new Karousel bearing, Linn have a fantastic offer which will not only instantly elevate the performance of your LP12 turntable, but also enables other improvements elsewhere in your Linn system.

Until 22nd May, customers upgrading their LP12 with the new Karousel Bearing Kit costing £750, will receive Karousel free of charge when spending £3,000 or more on Linn in a single purchase.

For example, by taking the opportunity to upgrade your deck with other new LP12 components or if your deck is already fully up to date, pre Karousel, by spending £3,000 or more on more Linn in your system, then the new bearing kit is free of charge.

There has never been a better time to upgrade or buy a new LP12!

Call or contact us here for details.

Innuos Music Servers

Lockdown Online Installation Support with Every Innuos Purchase!

Fidelice by Rupert Neve Designs

Lockdown Online Installation Support with Every Fidelice Purchase!

These are terrific audio products that present a true sense of studio sound from behind the recording console.

Contact us to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration and take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.

Linn Series 3 Wireless Speaker – Enjoy music in the kitchen and other rooms during Lockdown and beyond!

Linn Series 3 Wireless Speaker

Series 3 is an all-in-one, wireless speaker that brings your music to life in incredible detail, getting you closer to the original performance than ever before.

Simple plug and play wireless connection to your home network.

Internet Radio, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, your own music collection… wherever your music comes from and for an even more immersive listening experience, add a partner Series 3 speaker to create a stereo system.

Series 3 is perfectly sized to sit either side of a TV on a media cabinet, and connected via HDMI your TV will sound even better than before.

Series 3 is designed to fit seamlessly anywhere in your home and provide room-filling sound, enhancing everyday life with exceptional musical clarity that will surprise and delight.

Listen to Series 3 in the kitchen diner at brianandtrevors House of Linn. It all becomes clear when you hear it.

View more information here on our House of Linn website.

Contact us to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration and take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.

Les Davis Audio Constrained Layer Damping

Recently, we were treated to a demonstration in our main demonstration room of these remarkable products by Les Davis during his visit to the UK and just before returning to his home in Australia. Given our interest in materials designed to reduce noise and vibration in components and systems, this two hour demonstration was definitely worthwile.

We carefully addressed each system component in turn, source first, with an A/B/A demonstration placing 3D damping discs under the feet of each component and loudspeaker and with one Vibrare Board underneath each power strip. Improvements in definition, dynamics and information retrieval were noticable at every stage and the 3D treatment now remains in our main system.

A stand-out moment was listening to the live bass and drum intro of Take Me To The River from the album The Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads, as the bass and drums sounded and felt as if they were actually in the room and clearly demonstrating how Les Davis damping works to achieve a 3D presentation of music.

Simply stated, constrained layer damping (CLD) is a modern technology used to suppress vibrations. CLD involves a viscoelastic material that is sandwiched between two layers of a stiffer material. This approach to vibration control is used in a number of applications, most notably in the aerospace and aviation industry.

Les Davis applies this technology offering a number of products to enable audio components and systems to perform even better by damping component system noise, revealing more of the recording:

3D Damping Disc, Set of 8: £119

3D Speaker Damping Disc Set of 8: £119

3D Turntable Mat: £180

Vibrare Fermate Board: 299

Call or contact us here to discuss or order.

Finally and most importantly….

We encourage all who are well and fit to get involved as an NHS Volunteer Responder and help those in your local community.  We have registered to become NHS Volunteer responders during this difficult time. Over 500,000 have stepped forward over the past day or so, and the NHS say they are truly humbled and inspired by the magnificent response.

We wish all of our clients, families, friends, suppliers and colleagues the best of health during this difficult time. We encourage everyone to follow Government advice and stay home. Stay healthy and enjoy your music at home. When the time is right, play safe and make an appointment with us to get closer to your music and not other people. There will be no public events at the house until coronavirus is over.  Stay safe and play safe and enjoy music at home even more.

Stay safe and well and enjoy your music even more during Lockdown.

Contact us to arrange a Lockdown home demonstration and take advantage of our expert Lockdown online installation and support service with every purchase.