Kudos Audio Sigao Drive

We were recently visited by the Kudos team for a preview of the new Sigao Drive external crossover and were were extremely impressed!

SIGAO DRIVE represents a ground-breaking new approach to crossover design, never before seen in mainstream HiFi. Neither traditionally active nor truly passive – SIGAO DRIVE is an external crossover with no power supply, situated in front of the power amplifier in the audio signal chain.

Using new, high value components and aunique PCB design with custom mechanical isolation, Kudos has produced a new kind of crossover that features no power supply, yet remains technologically capable of sitting in front of the power amplifiers in the position of a conventional active crossover.

The sonic result has been celebrated in its name – translated from Ancient Greek, SIGAO means ‘to keep silence’. That’s exactly what SIGAO DRIVE is built to achieve – purity, accuracy, and stunning, ink black silence. In short, a whole new level of Kudos excellence.

Until now, Kudos loudspeakers in active configuration have only been compatible with a select handful of audio brands. With SIGAO DRIVE, Kudos loudspeakers are now compatible with almost any audio brand on the market. The amplifier output loading of the crossover can be adjusted to match the technical requirements of virtually any amplifier combination, meaning near-infinite compatibility with Kudos loudspeakers for the very first time.

Sigao Drive is one of the biggest performance upgrades we have heard this year and we were not expecting it!

Sigao is due for a July release so contact us now to book your dem.

Above: Nick and Derek from Kudos Audio at brianandtrevors with Sigao Drive, May 2024.