Newsletter Autumn 2022


Newsletter Autumn 2022

We speak to many people who contact us for advice, seeking better sound from their music systems. Some have mature audio systems requiring upgrades, servicing or even change; while others are just starting out on their journey.

These conversations are stimulating and usually lead to appointments with us to meet, greet and discuss usually over tea or coffee in our comfortable diner kitchen, before moving on to client-specific demonstrations for a couple of hours or more. We do this because we remember our first experiences as hi-fi enthusiasts – and as customers – some good experiences and some not so good!

We established our audio consultancy in 2007, as a better way for music lovers to audition and understand the correct approach to system building and upgrading, offering our award-winning customer service, advice and after-sales support.

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New Products from Linn, REL, Melco, Exposure, Audite Acoustics, Zuma.

Linn Selekt

Selekt DSM Classic Hub and the new Selekt Edition Hub, featuring Linn’s flagship Organik DAC architecture now available for demonstration.

Every so often, a new product comes along that redefines expectations and revolutionises standards; forging its own path in the name of innovation and ingenuity. Launched in 2018, and encapsulating Linn core values of modularity and upgradeability, Selekt DSM was developed with the express intent for it to grow into a broad ecosystem of ingenious, modular components. Read more here.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Linn Akurate Range – End of Life – Trade-in and Trade-up to Linn Selekt

Linn are now unable to accept any further orders for Akurate streamers, Exaktbox-6 or Exaktbox-10, as stocks have been depleted, nor Katalyst upgrades for these products until further notice.

If you are an Akurate DS or Akurate DSM owner, we have an enticing SELEKT trade-in opportunity for you.

With the launch of Selekt DSM: Edition Hub and Organik DAC, we now have the perfect proposition for Akurate owners, and an accompanying trade-in scheme that’s simply too good to miss.

Call and we can discuss these options with you.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Linn LP12 2022 Upgrades

New Sondek LP12 upgrade components offer even better performance for existing LP12 owners together with a realignment of the Sondek LP12 packages:

Arko – an all-new, original, gimballed tonearm.

Kendo – an elite performance moving coil cartridge; designed to pair perfectly with Arko.

Koil – a formidable entry-level moving coil cartridge.

Krane – Linn’s entry-level tonearm is now available to order as a standalone upgrade.

Selekt LP12 – formerly Akurate LP12, and now with the addition of Arko tonearm and Kendo Moving Coil cartridge fitted as standard.

Majik LP12 with Krane Tonearm and Koil MC Cartridge or with Krane Tonearm and Adikt MM cartridge.

Read more here.

Book an appointment with us for your LP12 health check and discover your perfect LP12 upgrade path.

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We are an authorised Linn Service Centre.

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Exposure Electronics

Exposure have been creating real Hi-Fi for music lovers since 1974. In that time a lot has changed in the audio market – one thing has stayed consistent though, and that’s Exposure’s commitment to never compromise on quality, whilst designing and building the best sounding and affordable Hi-Fi they can.

Exposure’s products are designed, engineered and proudly manufactured in Britain by a talented team of audio engineers. ‘To deliver music as accurately as possible’ sounds simple enough, but it takes years of skilled engineering, science and some great ears to achieve.

To further that goal there’s now an active crossover available for either two or three way loudspeakers, combined with four or six channels of Exposure amplification the result’s are simply amazing!

Read more here:

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

ZUMA Lumisonic – The best sounding ceiling lights we have heard!

These new smart downlights provide high quality, room-filling sound.

We were so amazed by the sound quality when we first listened to these “lights”, we are about to have 20 Zuma Lumisonic downlight ceiling speakers installed on the home network at brianandtrevors, covering three zones – kitchen and the upper and ground floor hallways.

Zuma is a new way to experience natural high-quality colour rendered lighting and truly immersive high-fidelity audio. A unique ultra-compact, high-performance ceiling speaker with a low-energy LED light – all housed within a stylish, deceptively simple to install, ceiling light fixture – we were amazed by the sound quality when Zuma visited us and demonstrated these downlights.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Melco S10 Flagship Network Switch

The S10 is Melco’s new flagship data switch and comprises a ‘head’ unit and a power unit, separating the sensitive data-carrying areas of the design from the power supply. The two-box approach echoes that of the N10/2 library, and offers the least compromise when it comes to ultimate sound quality.

The S10’s head unit is based on a heavily upgraded S100 network switch, and benefits from a greatly improved power management section, better aluminium casework and a rigid-steel screened chassis.

The rear panel connections include different-speed RJ45 Ethernet ports: 4x 100 MB and 4x 1 GB, plus 2x 1 GB SFP.

Two SFP ports allow for the connection of compatible optical fibre components.

1.5 MB of buffer capability to deal with erratic external connectivity, for a stable and resilient data stream.

Audiophile techniques in the power supply with a bank of audio-grade capacitors to ensure the lowest noise environment.

Rigid steel chassis with full aluminium casework.

We have the Melco S10 and S100 Network Switches for comparative demonstration, in addition to noise-reducing network switches from Innuos, Silent Angel and English Electric.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

REL Acoustics Serie S

We are enthusiastic advocates of music systems with subs and have been for many years. Book a dem with us and experience your music with height, width, depth and scale like never before – adding a sub or subs is not just about adding bass!

REL Acoustics Serie S

Active Subwoofers

REL Acoustics began designing Serie S, to revolutionize subwoofers. REL Acoustics developed ultra-lightweight and extremely rigid Continuous Cast alloy cones for power and crisp clarity. REL Acoustics leveraged passive drivers to extend the scale beyond the cabinet size. REL Acoustics developed zero-compression wireless for freedom of placement. Airship wireless finally allows the final barriers between performance, placement, and attractive room design to be replaced by newfound freedom. REL Acoustics encourage you to experience the sound and beauty of Serie S, it will change the way you hear music and experience theater.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Audite Acoustics Brij Isolation Platforms

The Audite Acoustics Brij ISOL-X suspension system design incorporates a solid wooden base that is decoupled from the audio rack via Sorbothane feet which provides an air gap beneath. A second wooden floating platter is decoupled from the rest of the system. The suspension points of the platter are approximately 0.5mm in diameter, so the floating platter’s only physical connection to any other part of the system is limited to around 2mm of surface area. The floating platter is also free to move laterally, by about 8mm in any direction and as such does not touch anything around its sides, top or bottom.

Each Audite Acoustics Brij platform is hand finished and comes with four Sorbothane feet. These can be positioned anywhere on the underside to accommodate any rack or stand.

We recognised the potential and quality of Brij isolation platforms and we now also have the fantastic Brij Nedan 2.0 on demonstration so please call or email to arrange a demonstration.

Brij isolation plaforms offer the perfect performance lift for source components and power amplification.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Approved Used

All our ex-demonstration and approved used items are supplied fully tested and carry the remainder of the manufacturers’ warranty where applicable, in all other events we will be happy to supply a warranty as stated for each item.

If interested in any of the items listed please get in touch for further details – remember, the price may be right for the item but the item may not be right for you, we would rather discuss your needs so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

As an example, we have only just acquired this special system:

Featured Approved Used System:

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We set out to develop our audio consultancy as a better way for music lovers to audition and understand the correct approach to system building and upgrading, combined with superb service, advice and after-sales support.

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