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Customer Emails..

Just a line or two to say a massive thank you for the fantastic manner in which you looked after me and more importantly upgraded by LP12 to Lingo IV and Krystal MC. Bearing in mind I travelled from the south coast for the upgrade and back in the same day (nearly 10 hrs driving). You gave me much to think about as I search for ever elusive final upgrade. I would gladly put the miles in for the service you have provided.

Cranage Hall Audioshow-best demo

I've just got back from the Cranage Hall Audioshow near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.

Brian and Trevor's demo of the Akurate level Exakt system was the most gob-smackingly convincing, amazing, dynamic, realistic, without a doubt the best reproduction of a musical event at the show, and that I've ever heard, by miles.

It was nice to meet you too at last Brian.


Linn Forum Posting June 2014


Dear Brian and Trevor Firstly, I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did of resetting my system, rectifying the errors implemented by the previous dealer and fitting the upgraded skeets. The end result is a system which is vastly improved and absolutely packed with tunes.
Masses of additional detail have been revealed with a clarity and focus never present till now - the system really sings. My wife came up from our office after you left and asked how we got on - my reply was "pick a favourite song and listen". Her verdict: a big smile and "stunning".
Needless to say we have spent many hours since you left going through our music collection and some of the improvements which we have heard are amazing.
You have two very happy customers.
I am certain that the levels of skill and commitment make you the best Linn dealer in the north by a large margin.
I will be recommending you to all my friends and will definitely come to you for all my future equipment.
Once again many thanks for your help.
Regards P.

Jazz Saxophonist Nat Birchall Presents Coltrane, House of Linn, April 25th from 8pm

What a great evening!
Nat Birchall gave real insight, and I came away with much more understanding of music I've been listening to for years. Could be costly, though, filling in the gaps in my Coltrane vinyl collection.....
David Neel, Linn Forum member posting April 26th, 2013.

Linn Forum member posting, by sunbeamgls, January 15 2013,

I drive 90 minutes to get to my current dealer passing other dealers on the way. The 2 guys there are ex-Linn but are not engrained with the idea that there is only one way. They deal with a great deal of the top end products, but my mid-range aspirations and need to buy second-hand (from them or others) on occasion is not frowned upon, but embraced and discussed with enthusiasm. They spend a good deal of time with me, they always make a drink available, we discuss the merit of Linn versus other products, they advise but don’t direct, we chat about music and have become trusted advisors to me. They’re interested in the music I take with me and then work out other artists I’ll probably like and play that too. They are interested in my thoughts on what I’m hearing and adjust their recommendations for the next steps accordingly. There are good deals to be made where there are combinations and options to consider - there are no bargains but the service is so good that I just don’t begrudge them a decent price. Good evening events too. When finished what I’ve called in for, if the kit is available then they’re happy to let me listen to something they know is way out of my price range whilst they get on with their other work. I suppose they listen, advise, respect, accommodate, deliver a great service and spot a long term spender when they see one!


All I can say is "wow" - my re-born LP12 is now installed, and I'm sitting in my office at home listening with a glass of wine.  Well, I say "I" but actually I mean "we" because my ears tell me that Ella Fitzgerald is actually in the room with me! 
I knew I'd really be able to understand the difference when I got it back to the room and amp/speakers I've heard it on before, and indeed it's better by some significant margin.  I can hear everything on this recording, and an already beautiful voice is now sublime.
What a great experience from House of Linn.  I can't imagine I'll ever want to visit a high-street hi-fi "dealer" again after this - from beginning to end, superb advice, service and workmanship, in a fantastically relaxed environment. 
Once again, thanks for taking me through the options for "my Dad's old record player" - if you haven't guessed, I'm very pleased with the result of your work.   (Incidentally - feel absolutely free to quote me as a reference!)
Best regards,

Mark and Alex

Hello Brian and Trevor, To let you know our system is sounding great,better than ever. Anyone out there with Linn problems should seek out your assistance.

Without your knowledge the whole system may have been boxed and forgotten,so thanks again for your help

Bob and Margaret

Hi Brian  - Re: House of Linn.....wonderful!

Just to let you know, not only is everything working well but it blows our old gear into the weeds. I was quite attached to my old Cyrus Amp however all I can say is…Cyrus R.I.P. Long Live Linn!

We would both like to say Thank You.. for the Brian and Trevor experience and kind hospitality whilst we were having our Linn LP12 upgraded and now the great addition of the Majik DS-1…..never has our music sounded so good and involving.

Sincerely, both yourself and Trevor were so attentive and knowledgeable ….we’ll be back!!
Please also pass on our kind regards to Trevor and hope that he will be back in the fold soon.


Brian and Trevor,

Thanks very much for sorting out everything and for all your help with my system. We really do appreciate all that you have done and now the whole system seems to be working brilliantly and sounds absolutely fantastic.


Hello Brian and Trevor,
Firstly may I say what a pleasant (but expensive :-) ) couple of hours was spent at the House of Linn this afternoon, I was able to relax, and in so doing, I was able to focus properly, listen to your advice, and then to make my mind up about what I truly needed from you, and not stressed into making an error of judgment, again thank you.
I would also like to inform you that I have decided to commit and accept your kind offer of the ex-demo Akito II tonearm and Addikt cartridge - after looking again on the web, I found that most of the (slightly) negative reviews were for the previous model which had non-metal bearings and were prone to stick I believe - whereas the Akito II has brass bearings I think, and as you said this afternoon is a superior model. So I am going to take your experienced advice and inform you of my commitment to buy these two items from you at a very fair price.
Sincerely Dave


Hi Brian and Trevor
Re LP12,
Just to say thanks for the upgrade. Fantastic sound. Didn't think it was possible to get any more from Donald Fagen's The Nightfly but it most certainly is. No problem with the connections, there is about 1cm between them.
Now, back to that record collection!
Many thanks, once again,


Brian and Trevor
Thanks very much for sorting out everything and for all your help with my system.  We really do appreciate all that you have done and now the whole system seems to be working brilliantly and sounds absolutely fantastic.
Best regards


Brian, this is awesome!!!!
Smiling so hard that my jaw is aching!
Many thanks to you and Trevor.


Dear Trevor & Brian,
Thank you for your advice and help. It is really good to know there is someone out there in case of an emergency.
You are like the 5th emergency service after the AA!!!!!!!!!


Hi Brian and Trevor,
Thanks again for the superb service.
I haven’t stopped listening to the LP12.
It sounds awesome!!!
Keep well

Hi Brian and Trevor.

Hi Brian and Trevor. 

Its been a while since you updated the secondhand LP12 for me and I have been meaning to contact. Thank you so much for firstly taking the time to listen to the various LP12's that was quite and experience. I have the deck sat on an Aticama Eris Eco stand with the Naim stuff on the same stand. I know its not perfect yet and a wall stand would work better. But I have to say that the sound from the LP12 is fantastic. I had forgotten just how good vinyl can be. 

Just a line to say thanks for the time and trouble you took and for the updates to the LP12.. Its well beyond my expectations.