Christmas 2020 Newsletter.

Our Best Wishes, Our Top 20 for 2020, Seasonal Offers, New Products, and more…

As we approach the end of a most unpredictable year with unprecedented changes to our way of life, we hope that you and your families and friends have all remained well.

Lockdowns have created challenges and opportunities for us all to stay safe and well, to focus on the home, our relationships, our desires and especially to spend more time to sit and focus on listening to music at home, as the pleasure of owning a Hi-Fi system becomes even more important, delivering the world of music, something we all need right now.

We wish you, your families and friends a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

We will be available during the Christmas period on the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, December 29th – 31st
returning to our usual hours on 5 January 2021.

As usual, call or email us here with your enquiries.

UK Enterprise Award 2020

UK Enterprise Award 2020

We are delighted to end the year with a UK Enterprise Award from SME News, for House of Linn Ltd – home to House of Linn and brianandtrevors. Not to be confused with the SME turntable brand, the annual SME UK Enterprise Awards acknowledge The Best Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

We are thrilled to be awarded “Best Specialist Audio Dealer 2020 Manchester & SME News Customer Service Excellence Award 2020 – Manchester”.

We are committed to offering the best customer service as we have been since the start of our business in 2007, treating evey client in the same way that we would want to be treated ourselves.

Our Top 20 for 2020

Some of the music, that kept us entertained and sane during 2020

Take your music and movie experiences to the next level.
Linn Winter Promotion: 17 November 2020 – 19 January 2021
Linn Winter Promotion: 17 November 2020 – 19 January 2021
Take your music and movie experiences to the next level.

10% off Linn DSM:

Streamlined Stereo for music and movies: Putting a Linn network music player at the heart will improve the sound of any system. From soundtracks to sound effects, the magic will come alive. 10% off the retail price of Linn DS, DSM & System Hubs, Selekt, Akurate & Klimax.

20% off Linn DSM Surround Sound:

Selekt DSM Surround: With integrated amplification, is the highest performance one box surround source available anywhere – just add up to 5.1 speakers for a simple yet striking, immersive cinematic experience.

Klimax DSM and Akurate DSM Surround Upgrade: Experience the ultimate audio for your movies. The Surround Sound Processing upgrade for Klimax DSM and Akurate DSM provides on-board processing of up to 7.1 channels of Dolby DTS audio.

Save Even More:  For all orders containing a surround module, the 20% discount will also be applied to any Exaktboxes, Linn loudspeakers or Linn amplifiers required to complete the surround system.

Call of email us to take advantage of these fantastic offers.

NEW: Keith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning Machine

Breaking the price barrier for Precision Record Cleaning, the Prodigy record cleaning machine provides a super effective way to clean records as well as your digital discs! Perfect in even the smallest home, the Prodigy is simple to operate, speedy and ultra-silent in operation.

Now the world’s cleanest discs are not all made of vinyl! The Prodigy is the first electric cleaner for both analog records and 5″ digital media. The Prodigy washes and vacuums all of your discs: 12”, 10”, 7” Vinyl Revival plus CD, DVD, Blu Ray, games, data and more! Keith Monks Prodigy runs 12V for use worldwide. The Prodigy is simple speedy and silent in its operation, making it living room friendly.

Keith Monks Prodigy is the world’s first point suction cleaner with NO buffer thread for nozzle!, It has an enhanced 360 degree fluid pickup: double the fluid pickup for even drier records. 

The Keith Monks Prodigy has a living room friendly, eco friendly compact bamboo cabinet and hardware. Natural is No Compromise: bamboo is naturally low resonance, noise absorbing, anti-static, moisture resistant, robust, hard wearing, and blends well with both traditional and modern decors. The all naturaly bamboo finish of every unit is unique. Coupled with attractive diffused RGB LED illumination, the Prodigy really is totally unique in its design. 

The Prodigy’s precision cleaning technique alleviates worries from wet pads or build up of oils in fluid tanks – the only cleaning process that guarantees Zero Recontamination – every record, every time. Precision cleaning technique used by the Prodigy is famously quiet in operation, at home and in store – won’t disturb your house mates, customers – or you! Enjoy listening to the record you just cleaned – while cleaning the next!

Keith Monks, the original inventors of electric record cleaning, have been experts in the restoration and preservation of all records for over half a century. Keith Monks use the State of the Art process, developed with the BBC, and trusted by the world’s greatest archives. This is the only system approved by the British Library and US Library of Congress.  Unlock and reveal the true sound and high value hidden deep within your record grooves. Transform your system and listening pleasure with a sound filledwith warmth, quietness, and awe inspiring clarity. Restore and preserve ALL your precious records – new as well as vintage – to Archive Standard.

Cleans records as well as digital discs
Super Silent operation
Smallest 55 x 22cm / 21″ x 9″ footprint
Both sides of an LP cleaned in under 5 minutes
Gentle, precise, safe cleaning – one turn at a time.
Eco-friendly bamboo cabinet
Remote-controlled RGB lighting

Keith Monks Eco|Roller microfibre washing wand in retractable ergonomic matching bamboo tube case with lid cap
Keith Monks discOvery 33/45 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid, 250ml for around 100 LPs
Rubber turntable spindle clamp for record label, also doubles as CD-DVD-Blu Ray adaptor
45 adaptor ring for 7″ records
IR remote handset for interior RGB lighting with auto/manual colour selection (and if you prefer, Off button !)
Premium high power 12V in line power supply with IEC socket and plug in UK mains lead (can be substituted with any regional mains cable fitted with IEC for worldwide use)
Robust protective bamboo lid dust cover for main unit.
WATCH! Prodigy video tutorial

Order here from brianandtrevors online shop

New Majik LP12 with Krane Tonearm

A long-standing favourite, Majik LP12 is the ideal first step into high performance vinyl playback. Using carefully selected Linn-engineered components, Majik LP12 lets you experience the iconic Sondek LP12 in an affordable package.

In line with recent enhancements to its digital sister product, Majik DSM, the deck has also been given a boost in performance in 2020 thanks to the addition of the Karousel bearing earlier in the year and now the new Krane tonearm.

With these two key improvements, vinyl lovers can enjoy even greater value from this high quality starter turntable. The new high performance Krane tonearm features a static-balanced design is hand assembled with high quality, precision aluminium and stainless steel components. It includes a polished Tungsten and Sapphire vertical bearing with dual ceramic horizontal bearing assembly, both of which are long-lasting and provide very low friction/rotational mass.

Krane has a range of adjustments making it easy to set up, including a laser etched scale for accurate and repeatable VTA adjustment, azimuth adjustment combined with a fixed offset angle to ensure perfect alignment of the cartridge and stylus. An adjustable headshell design ensures effective length is absolutely precise for proper cartridge alignment and performance.

Book a demonstration and hear the performance enhancement achieved by the latest Majik LP12 turntable with Krane tonearm.
Linn KRANE Tonearm

Good Vibrations: Restoring the Bottom Two Octaves

The Importance of Subwoofers

We are enthusiastic advocates of stereo with subs and an authorised REL Acoustics dealer for many years. We are experts at setting up stereo with subs and regularly demonstrate this to astonished clients.

Once you have listened to a stereo with subs system, its hard to go back. Adding one or more subwoofers to your stereo system adds an entirely different dimension to what you hear. There’s richness and warmth and beauty that exists in your system that a subwoofer can unlock to make bass that really leaps into a room, integrating with your left and right loudspeakers for that deep, really satisfying bass that you’re after.

Restoring the bottom two octaves is where all the magic occurs, because if you get that magic perfect, it just releases the upper eight octaves of music. So, everything is affected holistically when the subwoofer(s) blend perfectly with your main speakers and when everything comes to life in a way it never has before.

Contact us by clicking here or call for a personal demonstration.

NEW: Linn Series 3 Loudspeaker Stand

Designed for the all-in-one Series 3 speaker, the elegant stand feels like an extension of the speaker itself, blending seamlessly with the product itself and its surrounding interior. Available as a single or pair, this easy-to-fit stand is an ideal solution for using Series 3 as a stereo system placed either side of a TV or in a Surround configuration.

Price £295.00 per stand.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration or click here to order Linn Series Loudspeaker System and stands from brianandtrevors online shop.

2020 has been an extremely difficult and unpredictable year for manufacturers and retailers generally, yet specialist audio continued to thrive as we spend more time at home with our music and systems.

The value of listening to music cannot be underestimated as it transports us to places outside of Lockdowns and Tiered restrictions.

More importantly, the value of owning a hi-fi system has never been greater and adding or upgrading for improved stereo or even surround sound provides even better home enterainment for music and movies.

We thank all of our clients for their business in 2020.

Individual and personal appointments from advice to aftercare since 2007.