Jazz Saxophonist Nat Birchall Presents Coltrane, House of Linn, April 25th 2013. The Evening Event: We are grateful to Nat Birchall for making this our best evening music event ever with a packed audience of thirty people in our main listening room. Nat presented an insightful and inspirational account of John Coltrane’s life and music, punctuated with extended listening from Coltrane’s musical legacy with vinyl and CD rips of classic tracks and with the Linn studio master download of A Love Supreme.

Nat’s presentation provided so much understanding of Coltrane the artist and of Coltrane’s influence on Nat as a musician and of Coltrane’s continuing influence upon jazz.

We were thrilled to have Jazz Saxophonist Nat Birchall, the UK’s leading exponent of John Coltrane’s music, as our special guest speaker to present and discuss the life and music of John Coltrane.

Aptly hailed by Gilles Peterson as “one of the best musicians in the UK” saxophonist Nat Birchall remains one of the UK’s hidden jazz treasures.  Playing tenor and soprano saxophones, he is a band leader, composer and arranger ( and occasional DJ ) who has grabbed listeners attention with his soulful sound and inspirational spiritual music. Nat speaks with authority as a musician and lecturer about his love of Jazz.

We  listened to one of the greatest albums of modern jazz – A Love Supreme in Studio Master – the highest download quality – through the new Linn Akubarik Loudspeaker and on Vinyl with the new Linn reference KANDID moving coil cartridge and John Coltrane analogue recordings from our large vinyl collection.

Thanks again Nat for a truly memorable evening and an enthralling account of John Coltrane and his music – your insight helped us all to appreciate Coltrane even more.

Nat Burchall’s Playlist:

“Ko Ko” Informal session – Navy band, Hawaii 1946 CD issue – John Coltrane – First Giant Steps  ( Rare Live Recordings ) The Last Giant (Atlantic/Rhino )
“We Love To Boogie” Dizzy Gillespie Septet 1951 CD issue – John Coltrane – The Last Giant ( Atlantic/Rhino )
“Through For The Night”  Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra 1954 CD issue – John Coltrane – The Last Giant ( Atlantic/Rhino )
“Ah-Leu-Cha” Miles Davis Quintet 1955 – CD issue ‘Round About Midnight ( CBS/Columbia )
“‘Round Midnight” Miles Davis Quintet 1956 CD issue -‘Round About Midnight ( CBS/Columbia )
“Trinkle Tinkle” Thelonious Monk Quartet 1957  CD issue – Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane ( Riverside )
“So What” Miles Davis Sextet 1959 CD issue – Kind Of Blue (CBS/Columbia )
“Giant Steps” John Coltrane Quartet 1959 CD issue – Giant Steps ( Atlantic )
“Village Blues” John Coltrane Quartet 1960  Cd issue – Coltrane Jazz ( Atlantic )
“My Favourite Things” John Coltrane Quartet 1960 Cd issue – My Favorite Things (Atlantic )
“Liberia” John Coltrane Quartet 1960  CD issue – Coltrane’s Sound (Atlantic)
“In A Sentimental Mood” Duke Ellington/John Coltrane Quartet 1962 CD isssue – Duke Ellington and John Coltrane (Impulse! )
“My Favourite Things” Live version – John Coltrane Quartet 1963 CD issue – Afro Blue Impressions (Pablo)
“A Love Supreme Part 1 – Acknowledgement”  John Coltrane Quartet 1964  CD issue  A Love Supreme ( Impulse! )
“A Love Supreme Part 4 – Psalm”  John Coltrane Quartet 1964  CD issue – A Love Supreme  (Impulse!)
“Stellar Regions” John Coltrane Quartet 1967   CD issue – Stellar Regions  (Impulse!)

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