A more affordable path to owning an Exakt system – contact us for impact prices on Exakt System purchases and upgrades. 

For a limited time, we have a special offer that provides Klimax DS owners with a stepping stone towards the breakthrough performance of EXAKT. 

From 1st July until 16th September 2014, there are two ways in which Klimax DS owners can take advantage of this offer: 

1. New audio board which converts the Klimax DS into a Klimax DSM with EXAKT Link connections. 

2. The new audio board upgrade can also be purchased as a package with Renew DS, which houses the original Klimax DS audio board and creates a second, fully-functional Linn DS player for use in another room. 

This offer provides Klimax DS owners with an EXAKT upgrade path to a Klimax DSM with Exakt Link connections, and be Exakt-Ready. 

Importantly, upgrading from Klimax DS to Klimax DSM with EXAKT Link connections provides improved performance from all digital sources within a simpler, integrated system solution. 

The upgrade cost for KLIMAX DS to KLIMAX DSM with EXAKT LINK connections is £7,800 with Renew, and £5,900 without Renew. 

This is a great offer since a new Exakt-ready KDSM costs £15,580. 

Full 5-year Warranty: 

Linn will provide a full 5-year warranty for the upgraded Klimax DSM with Exakt Link connections and the Renew DS – the same great support that customers would receive when buying a brand new product. 

Contact House of Linn now: 0161 766 4837 

House of Linn takes care of the entire process: 

Klimax DS players must be returned to House of Linn for factory conversion and upgrade.

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